Unique heathland

The extensive wet heathlands of the Doldersummerveld and Wapserveld are amongst the best developed in Western Europe. Alternating wet channels and dry sandy ridges make for a great variety in flora and fauna. Bell-heather, common cotton grass and bog gentian can be found in the wettest parts, whereas common heather and mouse ear hawk weed grow in drier areas. The wetter parts are partly dependent on groundwater, which bubbles up to the surface. Bog asphodel, a small lily, grows in these places. Stonechat, curlew and tree larch are only three of dozens of bird species brooding in the heath. A shepherd watches a herd of sheep grazing the Doldersummerveld and Wapserveld. Heath sheep as well as cattle maintain the heath's good condition. Peat cutting and mowing complement their work.