Brook Valley

Restoration of the brook valleys

The brooks in the Vledder Aa and Tilgrup valleys have been straightened in the previous century. Farmlands became drier, so that farmers could put them to maximum use. Visions have now changed. The areas of natural beauty around the valleys are suffering from being drained, with all its consequences. The valleys have therefore been purchased and added to the natural park. The guardians are busying themselves with the restoration of the brook valleys. Many areas have been dug out superficially and ditches have been closed off. The results can be observed in the Aekingerbroek, alongside the shifting sand area of Aekingerzand. The water is left to find its own way, once again. These little brooks are flowing into the Vledder Aa. These new measures prevent the water from draining from the brook so that the area does not dry out as much. Nature gets another chance to develop. Birds, butterflies, dragon flies and plants thrive.