More natural forests

The guardians aim to give the Drents-Friese Wold forest a more natural character. They want to grow different types of trees of different ages, instead of a productive forest. Typically Dutch deciduous trees, like the common oak and beech trees, will get a chance to develop. Native trees like the common oak may be the habitat of up to 300 different insect species, whereas a northern red oak may only have 20. Thus, the smallest forest inhabitants specifically gain from this guardianship. The guardians will use chain saws and other machines to make space for native trees, so that they may develop into the forest giants of the future. All sorts of plants will germinate in the sun light on the forest floor. Ditches and trenches in the forests will be filled in, so that the water balance may restore itself. In some parts wet swamp forests will come into existence. Neighbouring heathland and peat bogs will also benefit from increasing water levels.